Rajpal Abeynayake Column: Under the same sun, those dead kids from Manchester to Kebbithigollewa


The Rajpal Abeynayake


Mourning for kids murdered in Kebithigollewa
The child at left died in Manchester — she is seen with her pop idol Ariana Grande in this picture taken earlier

(Rajpal Abeynayake was the former Editor in Chief of the Sunday Observer, the Daily News and the Lakbimanews English weekly.)

This week’s terrorist attacks in Manchester would remind most Sri Lankan’s of attacks in buses and trains and on office blocks in Sri Lanka.
All the circumstances are familiar, such as explosives packed with ball bearings, children dead, people shocked, and numb with disgust and fear.
Except for this one difference.
Nobody outside of Sri Lanka cared one toy pink balloon when Sri Lankan children were murdered.

To this day, even, at the United Nations Human Rights Council, the former Sri Lankan president and his army is being taken to task for ensuring that just these kinds of attacks were stopped. But nobody talks about the children of Kebbithigollewa who were killed by terrorist attacks very similar to, or worse than than the attacks in Manchester a few days back. (They were Claymore mined for god’s sake.)

There are no flowers or teddies for these children, and no sorrowful odes certainly not from BBC CNN or Channel 4 or of course any of the leaders of the ‘free world.’
No children should be killed, not in Manchester, not in Kebbithigollewa, not in any part of the world.

But yet the world reacts differently. Nobody cares about this anomaly anyhow, not the liberal tear jerking fluffy heads of the press here, who cry in their sleep and beat their breasts in their waking hours for ‘Justice’ and good journalism. What a pack of forgettable silly-heads.
When the children of Manchester are killed they say no stone must be left unturned to apprehend these terrorists. Human rights are held in suspension.
The British Premier insists human rights laws should be held in abeyance in order to combat terror.

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Britain will cry buckets for children in Manchester, as Britain should, but not one tear would be shed for the scores who were killed in Sri Lanka, in Kebbilithigollewa and elsewhere, and the soldiers who were also killed and maimed in their efforts to rid the scourge that killed these children.
Instead Britain cries for the blood of these Sri Lankan soldiers, or at least the British government does. They want our soldiers to hang for their services.
And yet the British cry for the children of Manchester.
Cry for the children of Kebbithigoloewa, Britain.
Cry for the soldiers who stopped children from dying.
I know many arguments would be made against my point, each getting closer to vilification rather than explanation, as the intensity of the denial about the double standard increases.
None of that would cut.
Because everybody knows. Everybody including every cringeworthy hypocrite knows.
We stopped terrorists who killed small children, and cannot be called out for it, when Britain is using every rule out of the book to unsuccessfully stop terrorists from killing their own little kids.
You may still get away with your charade, but that won’t stop the hypocrisy from reeking upto the Pearly Gates and right unto god’s own quarter, until Kingdom Come, and you know that.

14 thoughts on “Rajpal Abeynayake Column: Under the same sun, those dead kids from Manchester to Kebbithigollewa”

  1. QUEEN ELIZABETH 2 and her ANCESTORS were ROBBERS…….promoted PIRACY…….then the CROOKED STREET……..went all over the WORLD…..used the DIVIDE and rule POLICY…..robbed……now she has a DONKEY CHARLES who got married to a OLD WOMEN CAMEL……..expired MILK….I DON’T want to know who KILLED Beutoful Diana……..ACCIDENT BULLSHIT…..who the FUCK is that DONKEY CHARLES to insult TRUMP???????

    1. Absolutely. Why the he’ll this stupid Charles got married to Lady Diana while having an affair with grey hound….and unbelievable queen supporting. What a lovely lady Diana was..

      This is just likely UK supporting the deadliest Tamil Tigers n allowing them to hv their head quarters in London for 25 years. Look what they got. No one should support any terrorist in the world. ….just because this Tamil Tiger terrorists did not do any damage to UK. To UK it was Freedom fighting. ..BS. When Sri Lanka was suffering with similar or more devaststing attacks for 30 years (Oh God which country had such a long war? No one) . Damn hypocrites.

      Now the The North is well supported by the foreigners why… for tiger ballot or for their bribery.

      Why are the Foreign countries mainly US UK are angry with Mr Rajapaksha the then Presiden? It’s because he did not listen to the double standard powers who forced and warned him NOT TO KILL THE BLOODY TAMIL TIGER PRABGAKARAN but to hand over to US that they will deal with him. What’s that? Then US go n kill OSAMA when he was living with his family All Unarmed – hello where are the human rights? Killing his family. …
      This is why the West is angry with Mr Rajapaksha who had the courage to wipe out the damn Tigers. So the current Govt is capitalising on this to say they r loved by the West! . They do not understand the motive behind it. Pathetic. .
      End of Sri Lanka

  2. Most of these foorwign powers who interfere.
    They are all helped by Sri Lankan’s themselves.
    There is no nation on earth with such collaborators.
    In the international forums there are more Sri Lankan’s who sell the country to eager foreigners.
    At least this is a wake up call for the West.
    You make your bed then lie on it

  3. Exactly correct. Not that I am saying Manchester killing is correct. I really condemn. When a thing happens to another we look at it as simple but when it happens to us it is terrible. What a world!

  4. Absolutely correct. We must also make sure we dont go there again. We didnt have any support and we did it our way and the only country try to eradicate terrorism.
    We all feel sorry for Manchester but this happens daily in Siriya and other places.

  5. There are no good terrorist and bad terrorist. The western powers double standards in dealing with Sri Lanka is like digging once own grave
    The west will learn a expensive lesson and already started.

  6. UK Europe and USA thought that terrorism will be confined only to Sri Lanka and this why they probably accomodated tamil tigers, the fighting kind and the smooth-talking kind, so much. But, as usual, history has donea full circle, and terror is at their doorstep and claiming their children.

  7. Extremism is RACING its ugly Head AGAIN….mosques have been taken OVER by a faction some BULL…GOD…..financing from SAUDI….via Pakistan…DRUGS every where………….IN the NORTH extremist M.P.s WANT…..to be a PART of T.NADU………..EAST HATRED for Muslims are at BOILING POINT…………….No Respect For the VILLAGE Boys the SOLDIERS who DIED in the WAR…the DISABLED boys…….the WIDOWS on both Sides……………….go SEE Batticaloa District……….MURDERERS.BOOT LEGGERS.DRUG LORDS……. in every PROVINCIAL COUNCIL…………TIME BOMB …..so …….EXPLODE…… ….Blame Queen Elizabeth 2 and her Ancestors Divide and RULE………Bloody Crooked Street


  8. Britain you will reap what you sow.

    Now your getting it with interest.

    The curse of our ancestors, you raped and killed, in years gone bye.

  9. Britain you will reap what you sow

    The curse of our ancestors, you raped and killed, in years gone bye.

  10. A virus when spotted should be dealt with immediately.ignore it and it will will come to U too.That is the mistake the Western powers made by being selective!!

  11. A virus when spotted should be dealt with immediately.ignore it and it will will come to U too.That is the mistake the Western powers made by being selective!!

  12. My sympathies with the victims, may it not happen any where, never again, I think Allah will step in and stop this nonsense done in his good name, he is all mighty . We must not rejoice as those expats in UK, they had parties every night a bomb exploded here. I hope the LTTE Ms Balasinham finger prints are not on this bomb at Manchester. Many an suicide bomb expert was helped and financed from Briton to migrate there. I think a few is holding important positions on the major parties going in for polls in a week time. The people should vote for them.

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