Are you upto speed about Yunnan?

The bullet train from Kunming starts as if it’s totally nonplussed about the excited gaggle of folks on board. Or, not bothered about the fact that it’s going at an amazing 300 mph, almost. The ride is so smooth that you wish it wasn’t so slick, because a part of you wishes that you were actually hurtling through in a bullet, in a way that it would feel like a bullet.

Now, that’s  a nose for a train!

The Kunming to Quijing ride on the Kunming to Shanghai line, which I was on a few weeks back, is an experience that’s a metaphor for the modern rise and rise of Yunnan Province, as a hub city in China’s Belt and Road initiative. The train is ultra fast, and full of possibility, and so is Yunnan, one could say.

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Help save a life!

The following is published on request:

Mr.W.K Piyadasa, is diagnosed with cerebral atrophy or Hydrocephalus, a dangerous neural condition.  Consultant Neurosurgeon Dr. Sunil Perera recommends an insertion of a Ventricular Peritoneal Shunt, a procedure to be performed at Asiri Central Hospital at the earliest possible, in order to improve the condition of the patient. Medical Director of the Hospital estimates an approximate cost of around Rs.800,000 for the operation, inclusive of hospital charges and professional fees.
The family members request the help of the generous public and philanthropists to help them in saving this life. Your generous contribution can be deposited to the Commercial Bank account no. 8050013400. Further details-077 8859922/ 077 2137643