By Rajpal Abeynayake

That defeated hypocrite David Cameron screaming at the PMs Question Time in the British House of Commons that Jeremy Corbyn should go, says something about the character of the said David Cameron. This is the most failed leader the United Kingdom has ever had. He over-estimated his ability with the electorate, and got the UK out of the European Union. Now there is a full-blown crisis, the stock markets are tumbling, and it appears that the fallout of the entire EU Referendum fiasco is putting the world economy in free fall.

In god’s name go Cameron, give effect to your resignation yesterday. You caused all of this.

But no, in the state of ignominious defeat, this shameless pamphleteer asks the democratically elected leftist Corbyn, who was chosen for Labour leader by the party membership, and who delivered 64% of the Labor vote to the Remain side in the Referendum, to go.

Can anybody, under the circumstances, be a worse humbug on this earth, than the departing British Premier, the ham handed Toff, David Cameron?

The man is mostly a pigheaded loudmouth bully, and who would forget how hard he tried to coerce Sri Lanka into towing his line during the CHOGM, hosted by this country in 2013? During his entire first term and the succeeding fragment of the second, he did nothing but bully the poorest segments of the British people, attacking welfare and pretending all the while that he is doing all of this in the best interests of the underprivileged.

But the overconfident buffoonish bully boy got his comeuppance, and now recedes into the fog of oblivion, tail between legs. What took the British British people so long?

Nonetheless, it is poetic justice and millions would be happy to see the back of this useless rich kid with a gab as huge as the London Eye.

But even as he goes home, he shows by contrast what an excuse of a man he is, compared to the defiant Jeremy Corbyn, whose fault it was not, that the EU Referendum was called and lost in the first place.

There is a so called revolt brewing now, in the Labour Party with Labour MP’s stabbing the democratically elected Jeremy Corbyn in the back. It’s not so much a stab in the back, really, as it is a stab from front. They were all waiting for any opportunity, and grabbed the first one that came their way, when the British people voted to leave the EU.

Jeremy Corbyn has vowed to to stay on as Labour leader, because the membership is behind him and that membership in vast numbers elected him to the job. But it appears that in the crucible of modern democracy, some people think that choice is not the free will of the party membership, but the choice of the Establishment. This is why the British political establishment to a man and a woman, went Jeremy Corbyn to go.

An epic battle awaits, because the unions and the majority of the left of center membership wants Corbyn to stay. They will rarely have a leader like him who is a genuine leftist interested in the working man’s welfare, a humanist to boot. It is a disgrace almost as disgraceful as the racist attacks on immigrants now taking place in the UK, that the British establishment wants to subvert democracy in this fashion, making use of a transparently trumped up excuse to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn.

The spectacle of David Cameron howling, ‘in gods’s name go’, is the very reason Jeremy Corbyn would very probably stay, because it’s very unlikely that the Labour Party membership wants to do what that disgraced loudmouth wants them to, which is to oust for no good reason, one of the most decent men in politics, in recent times.