In the U.S., democracy means ganging up on Bernie Sanders

By Rajpal Abeynayake
The primary season quickly degenerated into farce
What they are doing to Bernie Sanders in the USA is a disgrace. There is no other way of putting it. There is no argument about the fact that there has been election fraud and malpractice from the very beginning of the Primary season, and that much of this was at a cost to Bernie Sanders. Things became so Banana Republic like when it was revealed that close to a million people may have been disenfranchised in the New York primary alone.
But the mainstream media in the U.S. does not report on any of this. Instead, its mantra is the hackneyed lie that Democrats’ so-called front-runner Hillary Clinton is leading by so many hundreds of delegates, taking into account the super-delegates.Yes she does lead by a few hundreds in terms of delegates won in the primary contests, but this lead is depicted as being so strong counting in the super delegates, that it is deemed insurmountable.
It is a scandal that the only decent human being in the 2016 election campaign, Sanders, is being given this kind of unacceptable treatment by the mainstream media.
A recent survey revealed that more than half of Americans feel that they are being robbed of their franchise in the primary process. They do not think that the primaries are free and fair by any reasonable yardstick. In which case that fact should be a major scandal in any country that purports to be democratic. But in the United States the mainstream media is frustrated instead, that Hillary Clinton is not already being anointed the Democratic nominee.
In their fits of fury the U.S mainstream media vilifies the Senator from Vermont for continuing his campaign – and this despite the fact that in 2008 Hillary Clinton was determined to go to the convention despite her clear delegate deficit, and had to be cajoled into stopping the attacks on then front runner Obama with the promise of various plums of office, and the ‘party succession’, after various negotiations.All of this may essentially be trivia for those in the rest of the world who do not have much of an interest in the U.S. Presidential elections, for good reason.
However the senator from Vermont is a rare quantity and a beacon of real hope and change for Americans who do not have state funded healthcare, which most of the rest of the developed world takes for granted. He also plans to eliminate College costs for undergraduates who now run obscene debt routinely, to pay their way through College. The main argument against him in the establishment, is that he is a wooly headed socialist who makes promises that he cannot keep.
Award winning Australian journalist John Pilger recently wrote an article which can be read here, which states that a Clinton presidency will be much worse than Donald Trump Presidency, calming that Trump is at least the maverick, whereas Clinton is the epitome of the Establishment. Though Pilger deplores the fact that those such as Sanders too are sometimes know for their liberal voting record in the Senate, palpably promoting horrific causes and invasions of other countries, mostly Sanders is faulted for saying that Obama has done a great job. This is not an indictment considering that Sanders cannot possibly remotely think of winning the nomination if he does not say something good about Obama. But Pilger is clear. Clinton is anathema. She is worse than Trump. And that says much.
In states such as Wisconsin, Clinton has managed to acquire more delegates than Sanders, even though she lost badly to Sanders. This is democracy in the United States it seems, and people are increasingly aware of how the establishment makes a great show about democracy even as the system does not remotely do justice by the voter. Certainly Justice is not seen to be done either. This video here would be illuminating in that regard.
It’s not a more detail that Hilary Clinton has won more delegates, so called pledged delegates, than Bernie Sanders. But how that situation came about is another story. The establishment and the media has been blatant about it.
Yet, there is impunity for the Sanders-denying media and those actively engaged in rigging the system, because the people are taken to be sheep. Some of what is happening is so hilarious that it boggles the mind.
When Bernie Sanders is on a winning streak, the media narrative is that he is endangering Clinton’s chances at a General Election and should get out of the race. Yet if Clinton wins one state, viewers are advised ‘we told you so, her nomination is a sure thing.’
There is something fundamentally very wrong in a country that enacts such a farce, but pretends that democracy is in action.
What is even sadder is that that all this is being done to stomp on the individual that understands that ordinary people need healthcare, and education, and basics such as a livable wage, and is appreciated by such regular folk in conspicuous numbers because he takes up their cause. In simpler terms, the blatant move to stop Sanders at all costs and crown the palpably dishonest and shamefully expedient Clinton, is the ultimate show of arrogance of a corrupt system, whose handlers think the people can’t see through how idiotic they look trying to make the unconscionable look normal, and the unforgivable look super-attractive.