How to, and how not to build an Opposition — in two steps



At a time this country does not have an Opposition, a real one, the absurdity of the former President having a love affair with the SLFP is laughable. It is belly-achingly, rollickingly comic.

Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa seems to be wedded to the idea of a political life in the SLFP, though he has been totally sidelined from the party, or one could say effectively ousted, tunic, saataka, mustache and all.
In that context, those who voted for the SLFP — or the UPFA coalition — are disenfranchised. They are faced with the vomit-inducing spectacle of those garden-scum political vermin such as Anura Priyadharshana Yapa, Nimal Siripala de Silva, Dilan Perera, Chandima Weerakkody and so many others propping up the ludicrous Ranil government whose policies they voted against, when they voted for the SLFP.
They are also facing the ignominy of those whom they effectively voted against, and defeated, such as Mahinda Samarasinghe and a myriad others whose names cannot be mentioned without the writer vomiting on the page, screen and keyboard and all, being elevated to Ministerial rank.
Nothing more needs to be said. Those who voted for the Opposition are completely and comprehensively lost, their votes reduced to nothing — to bits of paper as useless as burnt out parchment.
In this context, the person most people really voted for when they voted UPFA, Mahinda Rajapaksa insists on saying that he is part of the stolen SLFP.
This is so laughable it is time to say, Mahinda Rajapaksa, whatever your reasons, you have, to put it mildly, left your political supporters in the lurch, basically abandoning them in defeat, because of your silly notion that your life is tied to the SLFP.
It is unlikely that this silliness of Mahinda Rajapaksa would change. Perhaps the poor man is just too tired or just far too stressed, hounded and vilified as he is.
But if he cannot realize that people would not support him in the SLFP as that SLFP is now constituted, purloined and useless, then please leave Mahinda Rajapaksa to his fantasy love affair with his party.
He is now well-nigh useless, prattling on about how he would never be a part of another party.
Let the people leave the poor man to his fantasy.
Sri Lanka needs a real Opposition and it has to come from others and not MR, for the clear reason given above.
A new political agglomeration of forces would call the bluff on this forced National Government, or whatever ludicrous name it is called.
It would first and foremost, re-enfranchise those who have been humiliated by this putrid scheme of things where their vote to oppose Ranil Wickremesinghe has been purloined and transformed into a vote supporting Ranil Wickremesinghe.
This outrage by these petty tin pot dictators would stop, but it would not stop with the old dispensation in the Opposition.
The faith placed on MR is misplaced, and perhaps he may be excused, as he and his family is being unfairly hounded, to say the very least.
But the people cannot wait for a real and healthy Opposition, just because of that.
They need an effective Opposition and that has to be WITHOUT the effectively neutralized Mahinda Rajapaksa, so that the true extent of the treachery, subterfuge and illegitimacy of the Ranil Wickremesinghe UNP can be exposed.
The rump in Parliament that is now in the Opposition which does the real job of opposing are not in the SLFP.
They are mostly genuine articles such as Dinesh, Wimal and Vasudeva, who have tried to expose the government but failed, because they are without momentum for so many reasons, not the least of them being that the media is completely hijacked by the capitalist UNP.
This situation has left a void that spells unimaginable danger.
The sooner under these circumstances that the people realize MR is a dead letter, and that the firebrands mentioned above are unable to obtain traction, the better it is.
People have to look for real Opposition from more spontaneous sources, loosely put.
They are outraged and sickened by what passes off for a ‘government’ but they are also put out by the piss-poor Opposition that for one reason or the other can’t do the slightest thing to upset the blackguards who stole their vote against the Ranil UNP to prop up the same Ranil UNP.
In the first phase of transiting to a new Opposition, they must read the riot act to their former President, and say, we may have voted for you, but in a situation in which we are abandoned, you are useless, and we are moving on, peace be with you …
Once that Right of Passage is accomplished, it would be much easier for the real disenfranchised people of this country to put together the first building blocks for a real Opposition that is not just unafraid, but in fact, and in hard reality, counts.
Such an Opposition may not probably rely on Dinesh, Vasu and that rather hapless pack of notables either — bless them — as they are too tied to the Mahinda story too, in an emotional, or well, an elemental sense.
No gainsaying that there is a need for a clean break with all that, as the country cannot wait. The current Government is a joke, and who doesn’t know it?
But it’s a bad joke. So there is no need to restate the obvious.
The need to oppose by every means possible, known and unknown in the history of political agitation in this country, or indeed elsewhere, is such that it is an inevitable imperative.
The people have been betrayed, not just by their ‘King’ (or ex -King), but also by those who tied their bandwagons so tight to his, that unbeknown to them, they are rendered ineffective too, the poor souls.
The people have a dream that this collective national nightmare is over.
It will happen by their own troth however, beginning soon, and would have nothing to do with ex leaders, or their hopelessly ineffectual , rather tired and jaded caboodle, bless them …..