The unalloyed reality with regard to the Ven’s passing …


The utter hypocrisy with regard to the passing of Ven. Maduluwawe Sobitha is such that it begs several questions. Why are the powers-that-be cynically exploiting the Ven’s death when it is known that the Ven. Sobitha himself was disgusted with the performance of this new government and also gave clear instructions that there be no needless tom-tom beating with regard to his passing.
But the political opportunism is nakedly self seeking.
The Ven. Sobitha in any event did not as far as is known, protest against what is now virtually a progrom against the men of the armed forces.
When there was prosecution and persecution of armed forces personnel, the Ven. Sobitha did nothing to ensure that these men who fought so that Sri Lankans could get about their daily business, were not needlessly hounded.
In other words, he reaped what he sowed i.e; he was instrumental in bringing to power a government that was quite transparently on a witch hunt of the armed forces, and when the persecution of soldiers became reality, he did not utter any words of regret.
It seems he either erred and was not repentant this regard, or was callous.
The undue climate of artificially created hysteria on his passing is therefore identified for what it is. It is politically motivated opportunism, cynical as it comes.